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Home Sales & Real Estate Photography

Nothing sells Real Estate more than PICTURES!!!

Agencies & Independent Agents, Commercial, For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

People will not buy a home or other real estate property without seeing it. But a LOT of people do their real estate shopping online, and by driving around neighborhoods and picking up flyers and brochures posted in front of homes for sale.

No flyer out front... No pictures.
No info about your house... No visitors.

Let people know everything they need to or want to know about your house with virtually no effort on your part! We offer a number of options to help you sell your property, whether it be your personal home or commercial property. We can provide you with a series of photos showing all of the wonderful aspects of your home, and even host an online gallery to which you can direct any prospective buyers! We can design an attractive flyer, color or black & white, for you to promote your property, giving the "hunter" something to put in their hands - always helpful so they remember YOUR property when they are reviewing later. They will have the property details, see the pictures, and can view your extended gallery online!

Having all of these pictures and information at prospective buyers' fingertips means MORE buyers will know MORE about your house, which will generate MORE actual buyer tours and potentially MORE offers or a faster/sooner sale - SAVING YOU MONEY!

Click to visit the sample gallery

Real Estate - "Pro Grade"
Sample Gallery

Samples from a couple sessions of the "pro grade" photos, designed to portray the property in its best light.


Standard-Style Gallery

Click for Sample Gallery

The Standard-Style Gallery offers an opening page with any general information you would like about your property, then a thumbnail catalog with direct access to all of the images pages. Each page features details about the displayed picture and navigation buttons.

Frames-Style Gallery

Click for Sample Gallery

The Frames-Style Gallery offers a scrolling (and manually scrollable) thumbnail index on the left. Click on a picture in the left and the larger photo and details appear in the main window on the right. You can also use the navigation buttons in the main window.

Give your prospective buyers their 1000 words!
Give them PICTURES!!!

COMING SOON!!! 360-degree Active Virtual Tours!

The "$150 POP" - Pictures Only Package
  • We will take a series of high-resolution photos of your property and provide them to you on a CD or DVD for your use to sell your property.
  • More "snapshot" style photography taking pictures of everything so you can show everything.
  • Typical residential home is about 50-100 pictures.
  • Requires about 1 hour on site.

- Homes up to 5000 sqft: $250
- Homes over 5000 sqft: $350
- Homes over 10,000 sqft: $450
  • We will take a series of high-resolution photos of your property and provide them to you on a CD or DVD for your use to sell your property.
  • True "Pro Grade" photos concentrating on lighting and extremely high quality presentation of the home.
  • Ideal for published listings or "staged" homes.
  • Typical residential home is about 20-40 pictures.
  • Includes images in full resolution and resized for MLS
  • Requires 1-2 hours on site.

Hosted Online Gallery - Add $125
  • We will take an extensive series of high-resolution photos of your property and build a custom thumbnailed gallery* displaying the pictures online.
  • Gallery will also include your MLS Listing information (please provide a copy).
  • Your own custom directory: realestate.EdgyPhoto.com/??????
  • Site traffic tracker to count visitors and details to your specific gallery listing.

Home Sales Flyer: 1-Page Add $150, 2-Page Add $200, 4-Page Add $250
  • We will take a series of high-resolution photos of your property and put together an attractive flyer/brochure highlighting your home or property.
  • Choose between a single page, 2 pages (for double-sided print), or 4 pages for for a full folded brochure or 2 stapled front+back pages.
  • We will provide both full-color and black & white original prints for copying.

The Kitchen Sink Sales Package! $600
  • This package includes everything BUT the kitchen sink!
  • We will take an extensive series of high-resolution photos of your property, and you get a combination of all packages.
  • Online hosted gallery* displaying your home or property online.
  • Up to 4-page Sales Flyer, color and black & white for copies.
  • A CD with all photos for your own personal use.


Here's a tidbit of logic: All of these packages are but a fraction of ONE month's mortgage - if you can sell your house SOONER, then the LACK of that payment in itself pays for this service and leaves you extra money to spare! :-)


AGENTS! Contact us for Professional Discounted Rates!
We can photograph and host all of your listings on your own domain!


* Online Gallery hosted for 6 months, extended time $10 per month.


Visit the Contact page to inquire about availbility!



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