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Automotive Photography Sample Pictures

Thank you for visiting the Automotive Art Sample Gallery! Here you will find a wide variety of photos I have taken of different cars over recent years. Some are selections from full photo sessions with a particular vehicle, some are quick snapshots taken with the quick turn of the camera, while others are just select photos from club meets or trips. I included a lot to give an idea of what can be captured given different lighting situations, times of day, locations, different vehicles, different points of view, and even included some "action shots" taken while the target was actually being driven.

We wll be happy to work with you and your ride - whether car, truck, motorcycle, boat, plane or helicopter - to get the best photos you can imagine!

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3000gt-1994-vr4-red-013.jpg 3000gt-1994-vr4-red-138.jpg 3000gt-94-blue-sl-01.jpg biltmore-house-2005-daytrip-275.jpg
blue-ridge-gathering-2003-247-crop.jpg blue-ridge-gathering-2004-263-adj.jpg bobby-pyon-wrx-sti-2005-028-adj.jpg bobby-pyon-wrx-sti-2005-042-adj2.jpg
boone-2001-048.JPG boone-2001-050.JPG boone-2001-075-adj1.JPG boone-2001-078-adj.JPG
boone-2001-124.JPG boone-2001-125.JPG charlotte-gathering-2002-120.JPG charlotte-gathering-2002-143.jpg
charlotte-gathering-2002-186-edit6.jpg charlotte-gathering-2004-123.jpg charlotte-gathering-2004-129.jpg charlotte-gathering-2004-130-adj.jpg
charlotte-gathering-2004-202.jpg east-coast-gathering-2005-079-rot.jpg east-coast-gathering-2005-375.jpg ecg2003-446-boat-launch.jpg
ecg2003-447-boat-launch-adj2.jpg frank-varela-2004-wrx-sti-10.jpg hayden-horton-wrx-200506-001.jpg hayden-horton-wrx-200506-003.jpg
hayden-horton-wrx-200506-006.jpg hayden-horton-wrx-200506-007.jpg hayden-horton-wrx-200506-029.jpg hayden-horton-wrx-200506-034.jpg
hayden-horton-wrx-200506-043.jpg hayden-horton-wrx-200506-044.jpg john-mcgrath-93-vr4-red-02.jpg john-mcgrath-93-vr4-red-14.jpg
john-mcgrath-93-vr4-red-25.jpg john-mcgrath-93-vr4-red-38.jpg john-mcgrath-93-vr4-red-50a.jpg john-mcgrath-93-vr4-red-54-adj.jpg
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