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Welcome to the Edgy Elegance Photography Galleries!

Here you will find some sample photography, some recent and some not so much, but all taken since 2000 when Eric first started shooting digital. The galleries are broken out into different categories, and we are working to add more so you can have a better idea of the types of pictures you can expect. Eric has taken literally over 200,000 pictures since going digital, and pulling out the favorites can be time consuming!

Each separate gallery is set up in easy-to-use thumbnail navigation with index pages and subpages for each image. These are NON-java galleries so there should be no browser compatibility issues. :-)

Presently the Weddings, Automotive Art, and "Pro Grade" Real Estate is complete and listed here. We will be adding more here very soon! We also hope to add some other general galleries, not necessarily related to service offered as well. :-)

Click to visit the sample gallery

Extended Sample Gallery

Nearly 700 pictures selected from about 10 different weddings, showing everything from preparations, ceremony and bridals to digital enhancement options and candids.

Click to visit the sample gallery

Automotive Art
Sample Gallery

Over 100 pictures, some from photo sessions, some snapshots, and many different perspectives and ideas.

Click to visit the sample gallery

Real Estate - "Pro Grade"
Sample Gallery

Samples from a couple sessions of the "pro grade" photos, designed to portray the property in its best light.




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